Fiber World Communication [AS140072] FULL MEMBER

Member Type: Full
AS Number: AS140072
Peering Policy: Open
Join Date: 2020-07-21
Member Status: Normal
Peering Macro: as140072

Connection 1 NPIX Putalisadak         LAG Port

Port 1 of 2 in LAG
Location:   Dataspace Pvt. Ltd
Speed: 10 Gbps
Switch:   sw3-pts
Port: Ethernet1/19
Port 2 of 2 in LAG
Location:   DataHub Pvt. Ltd.
Speed: 10 Gbps
Switch:   sw1-dh-ktm
Port: X695-48Y-8C Port 31


IPv6 Address: IPv6 not enabled.
Route Server Client:   Yes
IPv4 Address: /??
AS112 Client:   No